Historic Mt Zion AME Church


The Boards in many respects  support the pastor in the spiritual growth and development of the church and its membership.  They are the administrative bodies and is comprised of various departmental Commissions.

Our Boards are made up of the following…

Steward Board

The members of the Board of Stewards are the chief officers of the local church. They promote the overall program of the church and encourage the membership to support it. The Stewards receive all funds collected for the church and provide for the salary and comforts of the pastor. They address the needs of those suffering emergencies by providing food, clothing and other assistance. The Stewards also assist in providing the elements for the “Lord’s Supper,” and seek to increase the membership through outreach, church activities, and evangelistic programs.


Stewards are appointed, annually, by the pastor and thereby become the pastor’s cabinet. In order to spread the responsibility of the Stewards to all on the Steward Board, leaders for each ministry is established. They are: Church Growth & Development, Christian Education, Outreach Ministry, Class Leaders, Membership & Evangelism, Stewardship & Finance, Music, Youth Ministry, Care and Visitation, and Program and Planning.


Contact: outreach@hmzjax.org

Stewardess Board

Stewardesses assist the Stewards in the discharge of their duties which includes preparation for the sacraments–Baptism and Holy Communion. Additionally, they have the responsibility of assisting the clergy in delivering communion to those who are sick and shut-in.

Trustee Board

The Trustees are responsible for the temporal side or physical plant of the Church. All properties and facilities are to be registered with the Trustees. Trustees are responsible for taking care of all the property of the church. They are nominated by the pastor and elected, annually, by the Church Conference.


Contact: outreach@hmzjax.org